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APF Mark 8601 10
Canon Card F-55S 7
Casio 376 Altimeter Watch
Casio VL-TONE VL-1 Operation Manual
EduCALC Catalog Number 12 (late 1982)
EduCALC Catalog Number 41 (late 1988)
Elek-tek Catalog Volume V (late 1982)
General Instruments Corporation 8000 Series (LP8000, LP 8000) Data Sheet / Hardware / Software Manual 5
General Instruments Corporation MicroElectronics Calculator Chips Catalog (datasheets 1978) 1
General Instruments Corporation MicroElectronics Data Catalog Index 1978 1
General Instruments Corporation MicroElectronics Data Catalog 1977 - Full Catalog
ISEC-250 Instruction and Operating Manual 3
ISEC-250 Programming Manual 3
ISEC-250 Security Record Sheet 3
Lafayette KT-135 Explor-Air 4-Band Receiver 8
Lafayette 99-35636L 4-Band Portable Radio
Lafayette Dyna-Com 2A "Walkie Talkie"
National Semiconductor Digital LED Alarm Clock Module/Thermometer Module - MA1026
Olympic Sales Catalog 1975-1976 4
Olympic Sales Catalog 1976-1977 4
Olympic Sales Catalog 1982-1983 4
Panasonic Quasar HHC Scientific Calculator (ROM/Capsule)
Radatron Driver Alert Radar Detector Model 1412
Sanyo CZ 1201 11
Sharp EL-5103 6
Sharp OZ-707 Scientific Computer Card
SWTPC Function Generator
SWTPC (Southwest Technical Products Corporation) Catalog
Texas Instruments TI SR-52 SR-52A Troubleshooting Guide 9
Texas Instruments TI-65 Calculator Manual
TNW-2000 Commodore PET IEEE to Serial Converter

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